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Welcome to the new era of Brand UX (user experience) economies. This is the era where smart, relevant Brands are rewarded with ridiculous success, while weak, irrelevant Brands are swiftly punished with mediocrity. This is the era of highly discerning consumers that gives no mercy to businesses that fail to craft brand experiences that matches their standards.

We firmly believe Good Brand UX Design is the core of every Good Business.

By working closely with businesses, we help to establish the core Brand Values of the business before we craft the Brand Identity Design and Brand Collaterals. Should the need arises, we will also work with the businesses to craft Brand Standards Manuals and Brand Experience Design. We follow a structured and defined creative process to ensure consistency in our work.

Building Brand UX-Driven businesses is what we at SOLD live to do.

4 Ways We Can Help You in Brand UX Design


Identity & Logo Design

The Identity & Logo Design may not be the most important part of the Branding Identity Design, but it sure is the most used element.

That is why we put a lot of emphasis on our Logo Designs to be smart, relevant and most imporantly, consistent with the overall Brand Identity Design & Values.


Brand Identity Design & Collaterals

The Brand Identity Design is the extension of the Business itself. That is why we work closely with the owners of the businesses to understand the DNA of the business before we work to craft the Brand Values and Brand Identity. This ensures clarity & relevance in the Brand UX.

We also work to craft the relevant supporting Brand Collaterals such as business cards, letterheads, flyers, posters, envelopes, powerpoints, newsletters, and other brand executions.


Brand Standards Manuals

Brand Standards Manual. Brand Guidelines. Brand Style Guide. Different names but same purpose: to provide a visual guide to help businesses keep their visual brand identity consistent and coherent.

A Brand Standards Manual is an important resource to have especially when engaging new creative agencies to craft new campaigns and executions for the Brand UX.


Brand & UX Design

In this era, user interaction (UI) and user experience (UX) is the sum total of the Brand User Experience, which basically dictates the life and death of a brand. That is why it is imperative for brands to create meaning and relevance when crafting their Brand UX design. An meaningful Brand Experience is how great brands seperate themselves from good brands.

Here at SOLD, we work together with businesses craft ideal Brand UX design with meaning and relevance.

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