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Brighten Paints - Responsive / Web Design / Branding
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Brighten Paints

Brighten Paints is a breath of fresh air and energy in the masculine-heavy and traditional Home Painting industry in Singapore. Founded by the ultra-energetic Amanda Tan, Brighten Paints aims to disrupt the very way Home Painting Services in Singapore operates.

Brighten Paints believes they can accomplish much more through the use of the latest technologies. That’s where SOLD comes into the picture. We were approached to build a user-friendly website which, specifically, must work well on mobile phones.

Working closely with Amanda, we worked on the brand identity and translated the brand colour into the user interface designs. Using our mobile responsive web design framework, the website is now optimised for view on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

After a brief training, Amanda was already able to edit & manage the website on her tablet via the mobile-friendly Content Management System (CMS). Talk about hitting the ground running!